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All buyers SAVE money with PropertyWikia!

Why register as a buyer? Register and get these benefits:

  • *Free solicitor/lawyer
  • *Free property survey
  • *50% off removal’s cost
  • Can contact property owners
  • Can save property to shortlist
  • Can track property & set alerts
  • Register as a buyer

PropertyWikia Buyer’s Guarantee - We will ‘pay’ your legal expenses, surveyor’s fee and 50% of your removal’s cost when you buy a property through PropertyWikia. Limited numbers of ‘Buyer’s Guarantee’ accounts apply - registering today will ensure you get one. Registering as a Buyer today means you can buy unlimited property and benefit from this ‘Buyer’s Guarantee’. Register now,click here. *

Property Search:
Find a new home/property in your chosen country in any part of the world. Property owners can list any type of property. This is a new concept business; we’re growing and building our property listings virally very quickly. If you don’t find a property that you’re looking for on PropertyWikia straightaway and see properties you like on other web sites, please tell the owner or agent to list it on PropertyWikia for Free! That way you’ll get all the Free Stuff and the property you love!

Get paid as you search - Recommend us to sellers & agents on other property web sites,join as affiliate

Selling too? 
Register as a Seller too and list your property to benefit from our PropertyWikia Seller’s Guarantee -We’ll ‘sell’ your property within 12 weeks of it being listed or PAY you $156.00 USD Compensation each week until it’s ‘sold’. Limited numbers of ‘Seller’s Guarantee’ accounts apply - by listing your property today will ensure you get one, click here 

Our ‘For Sale by Owner’ (FSBO) service is totally FREE to both buyers and sellers, please ‘spread the word’ to; your friends on social networks; property owners; agents and local media. Tell property sellers and landlords that when they list their property on PropertyWikia they’ll get $156.00 USDCompensation a week if we fail to sell/rent it within 12 weeks. We are able to provide you this FREE service and ‘Buyer’s Guarantee’ by subsidising it with advertising revenue generated from  this web site and our network of International property portals. Property listed on PropertyWikia is also fed into our network.

Click here to register as a buyer.

Got a property to sell? Click here to llist your property for sale.

* Applies to property that’s bought from a seller/agent advertising on PropertyWikia only. Buyer pays first and claims expenses back from PropertyWikia and subject to terms.

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